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I Spoke To Other Brits Travelling Australia To See What It's Actually Like

Spoiler: It's pretty great!

For the past couple of months my job has been to travel around Australia, making content about the whole thing. Pretty sweet, I know. Dream job, I know. Lucky me, I know!

1. Everyone has their own different reasons for coming to Australia.


Some people have finished school and aren't ready to join the rat race yet. Others have been working for a while and just need a break from it all. Then there are those, like John, who are rapidly approaching the upper age limit for an Australian working holiday visa, and don't want to live with regrets in the future of not coming. Go John!

2. It's good not to have an exact plan.

3. You will make great friends!

4. You don't need to be rolling in it before you get here.

5. There are lots of different ways you can travel Australia.

6. It's completely freeing.

7. Insects won't jump on you the minute the plane lands.

8. Some things are just more expensive in Australia.

9. But there's a lot you can do for free!

10. You do things you wouldn't have done at home.

11. It might make you rethink your life back home.


People often say that a bit of space will do you good if you need to clear your head, and that seems to be the case for John.

"Being in Australia has made me realise that I don’t actually like being in my home town that much any more. It’s just the same old routine," he says. "When I go back to England I don’t think I’ll live back at home, I’ll probably move away."

12. It's good to take a few risks.

Nick Arnold / BuzzFeed / Via

"Don’t be afraid to take risks because you’re going to have to while you’re out here," says John. "I was really struggling when I was looking for a job. I ended up doing laboring which I’d never done before in my life. But I got offered the job and ended up making a pretty decent wage out of it, so you literally get out what you put in."

13. It's important to put yourself first.


"You need to just do what you want to do and not always follow the crowd," says Deanne. "If you want to do something, just do it by yourself. Don’t be scared."

14. The lifestyle is what you imagine it to be!


Brits definitely have an idea of what they think life in Australia is going to be like. And it turns out it's not too far from the truth!

"We'd just sort of always idolised the lifestyle that seems to be led in Australia from a British perspective," Declan and Nicole tell me. "It is how you imagine it to be! There's the opportunity for the beach-work lifestyle."

Sydney alone is full of people exercising in the sun before work or riding the waves at the weekends. IT IS REAL PEOPLE!

15. Though the weather might not always be...


"There are as many rainy days here as there are sunny days," Nicole says.

"The interesting thing for us is as soon as we got accustomed to the weather and the heat, suddenly we realised that there actually are cold days too," Declan continues. "Back home those would still be classed as hot days, but because you become accustomed to it they feel like cold days."

16. It can change you for the better.

17. It can be excellent couple's therapy.

18. It is possible to get sick of avocados.

19. It can actually help you figure out your shit.

20. And above all, it's worth it.


Travel was provided by Tourism Australia. BuzzFeed writers do not guarantee coverage.

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