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    • nicholem7

      Yeah let’s talk about the ruined lives OF TWO RAPISTS. You stupidity is appalling and makes me scared for humanity.  They rapedagirl, there lives BETTER be ruined, as they should be. CNN covering those boys emotions is THE EXACT SAME is going about it though the hardship of beingamurderer instead of covering and mourning the person or people who were murdered. Rape kills people on the inside and damages you for your whole life. Not only did they rape her, THEY PISSED ON HER. Oh and it’s her fault because she was drunk? She was 16…I thinking underage drinking isatad more acceptable that rape. Yeah, poor them, you fucking idiot.

    • nicholem7

      Kayla Jeter or whatever your name is, yourawaste of air. Let me guess, women should also not dress inappropriately because they will get raped that way? Are you telling me ifaperson is passe out on the street andImurder them, that is it there fault? Only people with little or no brain would actually sympathize for those boys. THEY RAPED SOMEONE. End of story. It does not matter the circumstances. The next time your out drinking with your friends and you drink to much,Ihope someone comes an punches you in the face and pisses on you. If this ever is to happen, you better not press charges because it will be your fault because you drank too much.
      Ihave no faith in society just based of your stupidity alone.

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