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What Questions Do You Have For Kevin Kwan, Author Of "Crazy Rich Asians"?

Now's your chance!

If you're a book nerd like me, you've probably read Kevin's Kwan's satirical novel, Crazy Rich Asians, and absolutely loved it.

Nikki Francois/Warner Bros.

You're also probably anxiously waiting for the movie adaption to be released on August 15.

To celebrate the release of the movie, we've invited Kevin for a special Q&A at BuzzFeed and we want to know what questions you have for him.

Perhaps you'd like to know how it was working with such an incredible cast for the movie adaptation of Crazy Rich Asians?

Maybe you want to know more about what inspires his writing routine?

Perhaps you'd like to ask how much seeing Asian representation in mainstream media means to him?

Or maybe you're curious if he has any upcoming books ~in the works~?

Submit your questions for Kevin in the dropbox below and yours could be chosen for our special Q&A with him!