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35 Last-Minute Costumes You Can Totally Make The Day Before Halloween

Because we know you procrastinated.

BuzzFeed/Nikki Francois

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their easy last-minute Halloween costumes. Here are some of their most clever and creative submissions.

1. Kuzco from The Emperor's New Groove:

What you'll need: A graduation gown, yellow felt, and a headband.


2. SpongeBob's pineapple under the sea:

What you'll need:
A yellow shirt, fabric markers, construction paper, and pipe cleaners.


3. A "Minnie" bar:

What you'll need: Some Minnie Mouse ears, a necklace, and some mini bottles of alcohol.


4. Taylor Swift in the "You Belong With Me" music video:

What you'll need: Glasses, a t-shirt to decorate, fabric markers, flannel PJ pants, and a sign that says "You Okay?"


5. Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers:

What you'll need: Glasses, a blue shirt, a black skirt, and tall socks.


6. A gold digger:

Kelsey McConachie

What you'll need: A gold dress, a toy pail, and a shovel.

—Kelsey McConachie, Facebook

7. Misty from Pokémon:

JJ Keats

What you'll need: An orange wig or orange hair spray, red suspenders, a backpack, and a Pokémon plush of your choice.

—JJ Keats, Facebook

8. Britney Spears from the "Baby One More Time" video:

What you'll need: Thigh-high socks, a skirt, a white button-up shirt, grey cardigan, and pink pom poms for your hair.


9. A Kermit meme:

What you'll need: A green shirt, green felt, a mug, and some poster board.


10. Jake from State Farm:

Jake Kaplan

What you'll need: A red polo, khakis, and a name tag.

—Jake Kaplan, Facebook

11. Dora the Explorer:

What you'll need: A pink shirt, red shorts, backpack, and a map you can carry around.


12. A bunch of grapes:

What you'll need: A lot of balloons, an old body suit or dress, tape, and some felt to make leaves.


13. Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory: Network

What you'll need: A lab coat, glasses, purple gloves, and red hairspray.


14. Ouija Board and a planchette:

What you'll need: Poster board, markers, yarn, and spooky makeup.


15. Pig in a blanket:

What you'll need: A blanket, pig nose, and pig ears.


16. A sexy ghost:

What you'll need: A shower curtain, black construction paper, and tights.


17. Ceiling fans:

What you'll need: A shirt to write "go ceiling" on it, pom poms, and a cheerful spirit.


18. An '80s workout couple:

What you'll need: Leg warmers, bright leggings, a fanny pack, scrunchies, a cut-off shirt, and colorful sweat bands.


19. Tequila Mockingbird:

What you'll need: A masquerade mask, a feathered boa, and a bottle of tequila.


20. Lara Croft from Tomb Raider:

What you'll need:
A side braid, all-black clothing, and a black glove.


21. The Oxford Comma:

What you'll need: An Oxford shirt, a pair of Oxford shoes, a Sharpie-drawn comma, and a Chicago Manuel of Style (because it uses Oxford Commas).


22. Gnomes:

What you'll need: Some fake beards, flannels, a fake flower, suspenders, and poster board to make the hats.


23. Dexter and his victim:

What you'll need: Saran Wrap, an apron, and fake blood.


24. A Playboy Bunny:

What you'll need: An old menswear shirt, a swimsuit, and bunny ears.


25. A Bachelor contestant:

What you'll need: A fancy dress, poster board, paint, smeared makeup, and (of course) a rose.


26. The Louvre Museum:

What you'll need: An old dress and printed out paintings from the Louvre. If you feel like being extra, add the museum's famous glass pyramid made out of straws and plastic wrap for a hat.


27. The Heathers:

What you'll need: '80s-inspired skirts, blazers, and white tights. If you're going all-out, bring or make a croquet mallet.


28. "Bad" news:

What you'll need: A bunch of newspapers to create the skirt, glitter, and some cut-out letters to spell "bad."


29. A stereotypical dad:

What you'll need: A polo shirt, sandals, a fake mustache, '90s dad sunglasses, and a golf cap.


30. Cruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians:

What you'll need: A faux fur jacket or shawl, a black dress, red gloves, and her iconic black and white wig.


31. Sims:

What you'll need: Some talking bubbles, a headband, and some card stock to make the Sims Plumbob (the green diamond).


32. A bubble bath:

What you'll need: A rubber duckie or two, a loofa, and some balloons.


33. The Dude from The Big Lebowski:

What you'll need: A robe, a white t-shirt, plaid shorts, sun glasses, and (of course) a carton of milk.


34. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction:

BuzzFeed, Miramax Films

What you'll need: A white button-up, black wig, fake blood, and a fake syringe.


35. And finally, a Magic 8-Ball:

What you'll need: Black clothing, a marker, and different colored felt.


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