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25 Of The Very Best Corgis Wearing Halloween Costumes

Happy Corgi-ween!

1. This magical unicorg:

2. This butterball:

3. This lovable loaf:

4. This lil' tank:

5. This magical Gryffincorg:

6. This outfit that's sure to be a wiener:

7. This buckaroo:

8. This lil' mermaid:

9. This gorgeous general:

10. This corgi who means business:

11. This very convincing Batdog:

12. This corgeous pal:

13. This lil' banana who is NOT having it:

14. This extra floofy werewolf:

15. These c-c-c-corgis!

16. This bootiful fairy floof:

17. This dog in a hat:

18. This perfect sailor:

19. This cute crustacean:

20. This Ghostbarker:

21. This terrifyingly cute Corgi-saurus rex:

22. This pup who's the pineapple of my eye:

23. This really adorable Twinkie:

24. This Moonrise Corgdom costume:

25. And these two couch potatoes!!!!

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