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Stop What You're Doing And Take These 21 Amazing Quizzes

Check out our fave Community quizzes of the week!

BuzzFeed Community is the home for amazing posts and quizzes created by BuzzFeeders like you — you can join our Community here. These are some of our favorite Community quizzes of the week!

1. Are You More Sabrina From "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Or "The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina"?

2. Pretend To Be A Celeb And We'll Reveal Who Your Celeb Best Friend Is

3. Are You A Cynic?

4. Which NSYNC Member Are You Based On Your '90s Preferences?

6. Is This A Taylor Swift Lyric Or Did We Just Make It Up?

7. Spend A Day In Bikini Bottom And We'll Reveal Your "SpongeBob" Alter Ego

8. Go IKEA Shopping And We'll Tell You Who Your "Big Mouth" Hormone Monster Would Be

10. It's Time To Find Out Which "Game Of Thrones" Couple You And Your S.O. Are

11. Can We Guess Your Biggest Fear Based On The Urban Outfitters Shopping Spree You Go On?

12. If You Can Get At Least 7/10 On This "Harry Potter" Spell Quiz Then You're A Wizard

13. Everyone's Personality Matches A Horror Movie Archetype — Here's Yours

14. Have A Feast And We'll Reveal Which "Regular Show" Character You Are

15. Only Someone Who's Seen "A Star Is Born" More Than Once Can Ace This Quiz

16. You're Only Allowed To Watch "The Originals" If You Get At Least 15/20 On This Quiz

17. Eat A Food In Every Color And We'll Give You A Dog Breed To Adopt

18. Which Is Better: The Original Horror Movie Or The Remake?

19. Everyone Has An Art Movement That Matches Their Personality — Here's Yours

20. Do You Actually Know All Of The Moves In The "Cha-Cha Slide"?

21. And Which Hated "Harry Potter" Character Are You Most Like?

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