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You Can’t Celebrate 2019 Before You’ve Taken Our Fave Quizzes Of 2018

Check out our fave Community quizzes!

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BuzzFeed Community is the home for amazing posts and quizzes created by BuzzFeeders like you — you can join our Community here. These are some of our favorite Community quizzes of 2018 in no particular order!

1. Plan Your Ideal Date And We'll Reveal Which Dog Breed You're Most Like

2. Tell Us Your Random Preferences And We'll Reveal What You Taught Ariana In "Thank U, Next"

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3. Tell Us Your Fave 2018 Trends And We'll Guess Your Fave Chart-Topping Song Of The Year

4. We Can Guess Your Eye Color Based On The Trip You Plan To Michigan

5. Which Sprouse Is Destined To Be Your Spouse?

6. Everyone Is A Combo Of Two "Harry Potter" Characters — Which One Are You?

7. Pretend To Be A Celeb And We'll Reveal Who Your Celeb Best Friend Is

8. Pick Six Ridiculously Expensive Toys And We'll Name Your Future Baby

9. Which Iconic Kim Kardashian Tweet Should You Engrave On Your Headstone?

10. Are You More Donna, Rosie, Or Tanya From "Mamma Mia!"?

12. Can We Guess Your Age Based On How You Watch The Olympics?

13. Where Will You Lose Your Virginity, Get Married, And Have Your First Child?

14. Can We Guess The First Initial Of The Person You Want To Go To Prom With?

15. A Tornado Just Dropped You In The Land Of Oz — Let's See If You Can Find Your Way Back To Kansas

16. Plan Your Dream Life And We'll Reveal Which Bad Ass Woman From History You Are

17. Which "Fifty Shades Freed" Song Should You Add To Your Playlist?

18. Can You Get Mrs. Benson's Approval To Date Freddie?

19. We'll Guess Your Secret Talent Based On Your Ice Cream Preferences

20. Prove You're A True Fan Of "Gilmore Girls" By Getting 7/10 On This Quiz

21. When Will You Get Married Based On The 27 Bridesmaid Dresses You Pick?

22. Choose Some Strange Things And We'll Reveal Which "Stranger Things" Character You Are

23. We Know Which Age Group You're In Based On The Movie Marathon You Plan

24. We Know When You'll Get Married Based On How You'd Compete On "Four Weddings"

25. Are You More Like Mia From "The Princess Diaries" Or Andy From "The Devil Wears Prada"?

27. Can You Create And Cast A Successful TV Show?

29. Can You Guess The Film/TV Show Based On Its Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Recreation?

30. Make A Breakup Playlist And We'll Tell You Which Marvel Superhero You're Most Compatible With

31. Burn A CD For Your 2008 Crush And We'll Reveal What Your Love Life Will Look Like A Year From Now

32. Can You Successfully Bake A Cake Without A Recipe?

33. Which Hated "Harry Potter" Character Are You Most Like?

34. Rate These Wedding Trends And We'll Tell You When You'll Get Married

35. If You Can Guess These Theme Songs Without Lyrics Then You're Literally A Genius

36. Which Horror Movie Cliché Are You Based On The Horror Movie Characters You Pick?

37. Everyone Has A Milo Ventimiglia Character They're Destined To Be With — Here's Yours

38. Your Answers To These 5 Questions Will Reveal Which Sea Creature You Are

39. Which Suburban Dad Are You?

40. We Know The Name Of Your Next Lover Based On The Food You Order From McDonald's

41. If You Pass This US State Quiz, Then You're A Genius

42. Let's See If You Can Actually Survive A Day On Set With The Kardashians

43. We Know Which Avenger Should Be Your Dad

44. Which "Queer Eye" Fab 5 Member Are You In The Streets And Which One Are You In The Sheets?

45. Buy Everything On Your Christmas List And We'll Tell You Which New Movie To See

46. Which Celebrity Tom H. Is Your Soulmate?

47. Which Male Celeb Would Be Your College Boo Based On Your Food Preferences?

48. Your Movie Choices Will Determine Where You Should Go On Your Next Date

49. Put Together An Outfit For A Date With Harry Styles And We'll Tell You What He Thinks Of It

50. Make A Pizza And We'll Reveal The Title Of Your Sex Tape

51. The Froyo You Make For Yourself Will Reveal What You Should Name Your Next Dog

52. This Picture Test Will Help Us Guess Your Deepest, Darkest Fear

53. Build An Ice Cream Sundae In Seven Steps To Reveal Which Disney Hunk Is Your Soulmate

54. Shop At Target And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Grandma You'll Be

55. Which "Mean Girls" Character Are You Based On Your Shopping Preferences?

56. Order Some Avocado Toast And We'll Tell You Which Style Of Dance You Are

57. Pick Eight Foods And We'll Give You A Sex Position To Try

58. Go Back To School Shopping And Find Out The First Initial Of Your Soulmate

59. We'll Tell You What Your Soulmate's Sign Is Based On Your Food Combination Preferences

60. Is This A Taylor Swift Lyric Or Did We Just Make It Up?

61. And Order Fast Food And We'll Tell You The Biggest Thing That'll Happen To You In 2019

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