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You Can’t Celebrate 2019 Before You’ve Taken Our Fave Quizzes Of 2018

Check out our fave Community quizzes!

BuzzFeed Community is the home for amazing posts and quizzes created by BuzzFeeders like you — you can join our Community here. These are some of our favorite Community quizzes of 2018 in no particular order!

Getty/Nikki Francois

10. Are You More Donna, Rosie, Or Tanya From "Mamma Mia!"?

Universal Pictures

18. Can You Get Mrs. Benson's Approval To Date Freddie?



23. We Know Which Age Group You're In Based On The Movie Marathon You Plan

20th Century Fox / FreeForm


27. Can You Create And Cast A Successful TV Show?

Getty / NBC

36. Which Horror Movie Cliché Are You Based On The Horror Movie Characters You Pick?

Warner Bros./Dimension Films/Compass International Pictures


39. Which Suburban Dad Are You?

41. If You Pass This US State Quiz, Then You're A Genius



43. We Know Which Avenger Should Be Your Dad



46. Which Celebrity Tom H. Is Your Soulmate?



60. Is This A Taylor Swift Lyric Or Did We Just Make It Up?

Big Machine Records


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It's the end of 2018, and we're looking back on the year. Check out even more Best of 2018 content here!

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