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Australians Try Eggnog For The Very First Time

"I'm just imagining a big bowl of scrambled eggs with bourbon in it."

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A lot of Aussies have never given the Christmas classic, eggnog, a taste, so they tried it for the first time.

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Because it's the middle of summer during Christmas, many Aussies opt for a cool beer rather than a boozy, milky treat.

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Eggnog is typically made with cream, sugar, eggs and a hearty splash of booze.

Most people assumed it was a quick and festive way to get shitfaced.

Some were surprised at how it was less egg and more nog...

...but many were just surprised at how good a cup of rummy, eggy goodness could be.

While it was a bit odd trying a ~hot~ drink to get into the festive spirit...

...some people were just keen on localising things.

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Luckily you can serve eggnog hot OR cold, depending on your recipe, season, and how drunk you got before you forgot there was still half a pot of it cooling on the stove.

Merry Christmas!

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