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WWE Star Triple H Breaks Character After Making Young Fan Cry

This is best for business.

On Tonight's WWE Raw, John Cena took on Seth Rollins, The Big Show and Kane, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at ringside. It was reported by fans that Triple H, who portrays a heel (villain) started exchanging some words with a young fan.

The fan then began the cry, causing Triple H to break character and console him.

According to Twitter user Chris Olds, Stephanie McMahon who is also a heel, broke character too.

Steph broke character too but I missed that

Triple H, who is the real life Executive Vice President of WWE, then got free merchandise for the young fan.

He got the hook-up and won some fans too

And took him backstage to meet the WWE superstars.

Well played Triple H, well played. That is indeed best for business.


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