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11 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For The Future Of WWE

Meet the stars of NXT, the training ground of the WWE.

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1. Kevin Steen

Ring Of Honor Wrestling

KILL STEEN KILL! Kevin Steen's crippling move-set has won over the internet as he has dominated the independent wrestling scene for almost a decade.

2. Charlotte


WOOOOO! Charlotte is the daughter of WWE legend Ric Flair and is the current NXT Women's Champion. Earlier this year, Charlottes match with Natalya was called one of the best women's matches in recent memory.




KENTA is undoubtedly Japans biggest star at the moment and WWE has just signed him. The signing was so big that they flew Hulk Hogan to Japan to personally sign KENTA in front of a sold out arena.

7. Prince Devitt


This Irish sensation has been tearing through the Japan wrestling circuit and now has his sights set on the WWE. Lets just hope they let him keep his body paint.

9. The Ascension


These guys are going to save the WWE tag team division. The current NXT Tag Team Champions have been powering though NXT like a wrecking ball, destroying everything in their path.


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