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    23 Things All Heavy Sweaters Know To Be True

    The struggle is real, and also a little bit moist.

    1. Every single morning you wake up in a ball of sweat.


    2. People will constantly think you've just come from the gym and you're just like:

    Apatow Productions

    3. A single drop of sweat running down your face can be mistaken for a tear.


    4. Getting makeup to stay on your face is a task and a half.


    5. You know the terror of having to take off your shoes around people.

    Comedy Central

    6. Your face and underarms aren't the only place you sweat...


    7. Which means on hot days you give up on the idea of looking elegant.

    20th Century Fox

    8. You stare with envy at those who don't have a single drop of sweat on their face.

    Comedy Central

    "How do you do that?!"

    9. Oh, and let's not get started on the second you play any kind of sport.


    10. Because that will probably lead to chafing... and other things.


    11. You even break a sweat whilst eating!


    12. Wearing a grey shirt?


    13. Because of the dreaded armpit stains!


    14. Carrying a backpack over both shoulders is a recipe for disaster.


    Dat back sweat.

    15. You take more showers than anyone you know.


    16. And within ten minutes of getting out of the shower you're back to being a sweaty mess.

    Global HD

    17. Because of your heavy sweating you spend more money on deodorant each week than you do on rent.


    18. Your deodorant combined with the sweat means your shirts are bound to get ruined.


    19. Whenever you drink water it looks like you've just been stranded in the desert for a week.


    20. And flirting in the summer? Forget about it.

    Touchstone Pictures

    21. You actually look forward to the colder months.


    22. Because you're over everyone looking at you in disgust.


    23. Until then, you live for the breeze.

    Touchestone Pictures

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