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    These Drunk Guys Failed So Hard At Getting Into A Club They Almost Won

    Don't try this at home kids.

    A group of drunken British men were unable to gain entry into a pub due to majority of their group being overly intoxicated - so they devised a cunning plan.

    Via Facebook: Jonfrancis8

    Like Spartans, the lads would merge into a large formation to form SuperLad™.

    Once SuperLad™ was formed, they stampeded towards the door in an effort to overpower the bouncer.

    This of course failed with the bouncer overpowering SuperLad™.

    SuperLad™ tried once more to gain entry, but once again they failed.

    Better luck next time SuperLad™.

    Facebook: Jonfrancis8 / Via Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

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