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    A Man Has Launched A Vicious One-Punch Attack During An Australian Student Election

    The unprovoked attack happened after the man was confronted for distributing offensive flyers.

    A video has emerged online of a man being assaulted during the University of Queensland's student union elections.

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    According to the ABC the 21-year-old attacker was distributing "derogatory and defamatory remarks about the incumbents." Campbell Ray, a 29-year-old student party member approached the man which then led to Ray being assaulted.

    Speaking to The Brisbane Times, UQ Union president Joshua Millroy stated that "there was a person getting around campus who was abusing campaigners...That person was then confronted about his behaviour and he proceeded to king hit and then continued to attack a campaigner who was involved in the elections."

    Following the coward punch onlookers jumped in to stop the assault, which lead to the attacker spitting on one of them.

    The 21-year-old Camp Hill man has been charged with assault and will appear at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on October 28.

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