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Footage Has Gone Viral Of A 20+ Person Brawl At Stereosonic

The incident, filmed on a phone camera emerged on social media on Wednesday night.

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Australia's premier EDM festival, Stereosonic was held in Sydney last weekend and one incident from the day has gone viral. Video captured on a mobile phone of an all-in brawl has emerged on Facebook.

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It is not known what started the brawl but things escalated quickly.

And it resulted in a man being king-hit and shown unconscious on the ground.

Eventually the festival security came to break up the brawl.

And just like that people got on with the day and started dancing like nothing had happened.

A spokesperson for NSW Police has told BuzzFeed News: “I am advised the Stereosonic incident was not formally reported to police. As such it’s not appropriate for NSW police to comment on it."