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    3 Feb 2015

    36 Things Only People Who Have Made A Short Film Know To Be True

    Film school did not prepare us for this!

    1. You've decided you're going to make a short film!


    2. And straight away you let the fact that you're a "director" instantly go to your head.


    3. But the second you start preparing everything, the reality of making a short film smacks you in the face.

    4. This is your reaction for all the auditions you sit through during casting:


    5. You begin to ask everyone you know for help.


    "Hey, you still own a car? Awesome!"

    6. And they're are like:

    7. Until the day before filming when something magically comes up.

    The CW

    8. But then they ask you to just move the date of filming, and you're like:

    Bravo Networks

    "Just move it to next weekend?"

    9. You haven't even filmed anything, yet you're having a mental breakdown.


    10. You start to regret the whole idea of making a short film.


    11. You re-write your script at least 50 times.


    12. First-time actors then demand pay.


    13. You realise that making movies costs money, so you make a Kickstarter campaign...

    14. Which raises you $24, mostly from your parents. Not to mention you've lost half your Facebook friends due to your constant plugging of the campaign.

    15. So the money must come out of your own pocket.

    16. A day before filming you find out that one of your locations has fallen through.


    So instead of going over your shortlist, you're frantically driving around looking for a new place to film.

    17. But finally, you get around to filming!


    18. You planning on filming outside? Yeah, well it's going to rain.


    19. Everyone will screw up their lines.

    Village Roadshow


    20. Your 1st AD will constantly remind you that you're behind on time.

    21. Your rookie cameraman forgets to record an amazing take.

    22. Other crew members begin to tell you what to do.


    23. Half way through filming a crew member looks at you and asks:

    Columbia Pictures

    24. Actors and actresses begin the whole "I don't think my character would say that."

    Warner Brothers

    25. But don't worry, the filming will all be over eventually!

    Summit Entertainment

    26. But not before you find a way to put yourself in the film.

    27. And now the real fun begins... EDITING!

    28. Your home for the the duration of post-production is a dark room, with an editor you're going to share a love/hate relationship with.

    29. You're going to see this piece of shit come up on your screen every 15 minutes.


    30. You're also going to have to cut a lot of footage that you love.

    Lucas Film

    31. Editing finally comes to an end and you look at your editor with a sigh or relief.

    Warner Brothers

    32. By now you've watched the film 32539 times and you're just so sick of it.


    33. Eventually you start to accept your film and will be like:


    34. You also suddenly have a new found respect for directors who have made feature films.


    35. But hey, don't be too hard on yourself. You've done more than 95% of the kids you went to film school with!

    Comedy Central

    36. So be proud that you got off your ass and did something! Keep at it, because you cannot go from zero to hero overnight.


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