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    33 Stages Of Going To Your First Aussie High School Party

    Cruisers. Cruisers everywhere.

    1. You're given an invitation to a party. But not just any party. A high school party... with alcohol!


    2. You'd spend a whole week deciding on what to wear.


    3. But you ended up going out and buying a completely new outfit for the occasion.

    4. If your parents knew about the party they'd call the host's parents to make sure there would be supervision.


    5. If you had strict parents you'd need to find someone who was old enough to buy you alcohol.

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    6. But then there was the task of picking what to drink: There was Passion Pop...

    7. Red Bear...

    8. Vodka Cruisers...

    9. Or Woodstock.

    10. Before the party you would spend hours getting ready at your friend's house.

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    Gyan Yankovich

    11. You'd create a Facebook/MySpace/Bebo album for the party that just consisted of mirror selfies with your friends getting ready.

    Jemima Skelley

    12. Once the photos were taken it was time to party!

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    13. The second you walked in you were confronted by the overwhelming smell of cologne.

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    14. There were the people who still acted like they were at a children's party.

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    15. And the popular kids would be there and you would think you were "in" with them.


    16. Your sheltered belief that your peers were innocent was shattered.


    17. You saw people smoking...


    18. And making out.


    Well, attempting to make out.

    19. And you just looked at them thinking "people I know are doing that?!"

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    20. You discovered new ways to be ~classy~.


    21. There would be the token girl crying in the corner.


    22. The sound track for the night would consist of Aussie hip hop.

    23. And no one could really handle their alcohol.


    24. You'd be tagged in photos that would haunt you for years to come.

    Nick Wray
    Nick Wray
    Nick Wray

    25. Your crush would arrive.

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    26. And you had absolutely zero idea how to flirt.


    27. While you were working up to courage to talk to them, your nemesis would walk into the picture and hook up with them.

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    28. There would be older kids there, which creeped everyone out.


    29. You would drunkenly tell the host you would help them clean up the next morning.

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    30. If you had a parent picking you up at a certain time you would keep on ringing them asking to be picked up later.


    31. Eventually the party was shut down by the parents... or police.

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    32. You did your best to act sober.

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    33. And then there was the morning after - the first in a long line of hangovers for the rest of your life.


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