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    11 Things We Learned From WWE's Roman Reigns

    The WWE Superstar sat down with BuzzFeed to talk about the crowd reaction at the Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania 31, and the upcoming WWE tour of Australia.

    1. On his roller coaster year in the WWE - including becoming a top singles star, getting injured, then returning to win the Royal Rumble:

    "If there's one way to describe my life in the past year, it's been extremely busy. But it's been exciting, especially in the past month or so because the real drama seems to be going down. But that's a good thing, because when you're in such a high-profile position like I am at this point it has to be that way. It has to be emotional, it has to have some drama to it. Because that's where the suspense is, that's where the excitement comes from. If everything was flat lined and became easy and calm then there's nothing cool about that. I'm excited for what I've been through, and where I'm going."

    2. On the negative reaction he received at the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia:

    "I was pretty aware on what was going to happen. I read my Twitter here and there and I can see the tweets from fans of Daniel Bryan, and Philly is a rowdy crowd in general anyway. But when they have a purpose, or they have a plan, they get it done. They went out with a mission to have their voices heard and they did, and that's the reason why we are where we at now. It was also a great opportunity to prove myself for a "what have you done for me lately" type business, so every performance means something, every week is a new week and you have to be on the top of your game. You have the bring the best product you can every single week, that's what makes it so exciting about being a WWE superstar, because the WWE universe is so demanding, for me as a performer, I have a huge respect for the fans."

    3. On how to deal with negativity from the internet:

    "This is the world we live in. You can't socialise without being faceless idiots. More people have Facebook friends than actual friends these days. Advice from my experience, for me, I've never taken no as an answer, I don't believe in that. If I want something I'm going to get it. When people tell me that I can't do something, it just motivates me more. For me it makes me smile, because I just want to prove everybody wrong. It's nothing but motivation, because if you believe in yourself that's all that really matters. If you have a good support system like your family, and your friends around you then you can't go wrong. So just believe in yourself, do you your thing and stay strong in what you believe in."

    4. His thoughts on his opponent at WWE Fastlane, Daniel Bryan.

    "Daniel Bryan as a person I think he is a good guy, I don't know him on a personal note well enough to say anything bad him. As a competitor, he is a die-hard competitor. He is going to bring everything into this match that he can. I know he is willing to put everything on the line, and I'm going to do the same thing. From a competitor's standpoint, there's an ultimate respect. There's then that competition that we both have as competitors. And as you know, when you get into a battle, sometimes respect and everything else can be thrown out the window. At Fastlane, I'm expecting to be pushed to the max."

    5. His favourite city to perform in:

    "Definitely anywhere in Japan. There's just something about it, like the way the fans are, they have the old school Japanese respect. You can tell that they also want that WWE experience to see how we do it in the States."

    6. Which NXT superstar is he most looking forward to seeing on the main roster:

    "God man, there is many. But if I had to pick just one, it's definitely Adrian Neville."

    7. On being the first person younger than Wrestlemania itself to potentially headline the event:

    "Wow really? I didn't know about that so its pretty cool to know that. The WWE as a business is all about first time, 'first time ever' is just a cool statement. I'm proud of that, and it gives me more incentive to get my butt in the main event."

    8. On the possibility of ever facing-off against his cousin, The Rock:

    "Right now we're focused on just keeping everything in the family and keeping our family as strong as possible. I roll with the model 'one versus all' at the same time you can look at it as 'one family versus all.' But it's definitely appealing, because anytime you insert The Rock into a match its going to be good, but right now we're a pretty tight-knit group, our family, blood is thicker than anything."

    9. On visiting Australia in the past:

    "A lot of times when we travel around Australia, I sit near the bus window and I'm just glued on the scenery, just looking around and just checking out the sights. But I haven't had a real morning where I've been able to just wake up and have a real walk around and check out the sights, and just kinda let lost in the city. Hopefully this year I'll have the opportunity to see some stuff."

    10. On visiting Australia in August for WWE Live:

    "I'm ecstatic about coming back to Australia. I love all the cities, I love the fans, I cannot wait to get back there. On the last tour I was in the main event against Kane in street fight with Ric Flair as the special guest ref, I pray to God that I can do something as cool if not cooler this time around. I can tell you I will bring everything to Australia to give the WWE universe Down Under one hell of a show."

    11. And on who lifts more: Roman Reigns or John Cena?

    "At this point, John may have me on the max lifts. When I was in developmental [NXT], I trained with him quite a bit, and I was on the record board. Since I left there, I was higher on the board than him, but I think in the time I've been away he may have topped me. So I will have to go back down to the gym and see if I can break the record. But right now he has got me on the main lifts."

    Roman Reigns and the WWE are touring Australia in August. Click here to find out more.