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This Qantas Pilot Beautifully Captures His Job Through Instagram

He also perfects the use of the selfie stick.

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1. Meet Tom. A 25-year-old pilot for Qantas.

2. Tom dedicates his Instagram account to chronicling his job.

4. But he loves to bring his followers along with him for every step of his journey.

5. And he actually puts the selfie stick to good use.

6. What's your office look like?

7. Do you get a nice view from your window?

8. Ok now he's just rubbing it in.

10. No seriously, you're making us jealous.

11. Those night shifts don't look so bad though.

12. Just cruising at 25,000 feet, no biggie.

13. Remember this guy is only 25.

14. He is truly living the dream.

Check out his full Instagram account here.