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    27 Reasons New Zealand Should Be Off Your Bucket List


    1. Welcome to New Zealand...or Australia Jr.

    Flickr: sissonphoto / Creative Commons

    2. What the hell is this wasteland?!

    Flickr: mazzali / Creative Commons

    3. The second you land here, you're exposed to the horrible views the country has to offer.

    Flickr: jezuez471 / Creative Commons

    4. That skyline. YUCK!

    5. Really OLD theatres.

    6. Mediocre sunsets.

    Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

    7. Look at this disgusting mess.

    8. As if you'd want to visit the set of this dumb movie that no one saw.

    Flickr: davaodude / Creative Commons

    9. What was the name of it again?

    Flickr: stuckincustoms / Creative Commons

    10. Why is the sky that colour?! Eww.

    Flickr: dexxus / Creative Commons

    11. No Instagram filter can make this sight bearable.

    Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

    12. Look at these ski fields...MEH!

    Flickr: dave_see / Creative Commons

    13. And ugly hills that remind you of the dark time you had Windows XP.

    Flickr: pietroizzo / Creative Commons

    14. What the hell is that!?

    Flickr: linneasunflower / Creative Commons

    15. Urgh.

    Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

    16. YUCK!

    Flickr: chris_gin / Creative Commons

    17. Definitely photoshopped!

    Flickr: 127665714@N08 / Creative Commons

    18. Hopefully this is a road out of New Zealand.

    Flickr: paperpariah / Creative Commons

    19. You can only hope this boat would get you out of here.

    Flickr: ianz / Creative Commons

    20. Wait, nevermind! The country is completely surrounded by water! You're trapped here!

    Flickr: surferlisa / Creative Commons

    21. Urgh. And don’t get us started on this so-called "food".

    Flickr: probonobaker / Creative commons

    22. There's whales...but where can't you see them?!

    Flickr: 96903347@N02 / Creative Commons

    23. ~Wow soooooo funnnnn!!~

    Flickr: orcaman / Creative Commons

    24. Would take a concrete jungle over this crap any day.

    Flickr: georgeka / Creative Commons

    25. Just everywhere you look is painful on the eyes!

    Flickr: benurs / Creative Commons

    26. Long story short, just take this advice...

    Flickr: loic80l / Creative Commons

    27. Don't go to New Zealand.

    Flickr: taspicsvns / Creative Commons

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