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    This Is What Kenny Is Actually Singing In The "South Park" Opening

    Warning: Extremely provocative lyrics. But it's South Park... what did you expect?

    The South Park opening is iconic, but there's always been one thing on all of our minds: What is Kenny saying under his jacket!?

    Well it turns out young Kenny McCormick is as foul-mouthed as his friends. Over the show's 18 season run, the young 8-year-old has muffled many different things during the show's intro.

    In seasons one to two Kenny spoke his mind openly:

    From seasons three to six things got a little more... vivid:

    From seasons seven to ten it was revealed that Kenny is quite the Britney Spears fan:

    And from seasons ten til now, Kenny has let the fame get to his head:

    But let's be honest. It's South ParK, what did you think he was saying?

    Lyrics via: Lyrics365, Lyrics Mode and Lyrics Mania.