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22 Of The Most Bogan Things To Ever Happen On Instagram

Because, Australia.

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2. This man taking a casual tractor ride.

3. These guys moving a fridge.

6. This guy on public transport pulling a mullet off like an absolute boss!

7. Ute bogged in the mud?! No problem mate!

8. Beautiful, just beautiful.

9. The biggest disaster in Australian history. #NeverForget

12. Monster Trucks at ANZ Stadium bra!!!

14. This outback spa to beat the heat.

15. This tradie getting on some post-work drinks.

16. This neighbourhood's Wi-Fi.

17. This bumper-bar sticker.

18. This guy having a jolly ol' time on the train.

19. This bloke's Valentine's flowers.

20. How this guy moves his furniture.

21. Southern Cross stickers. That is all.

22. You stay classy, Australia.