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Arrest Warrant Issued For WWE Superstar Heath Slater For 2011 Choking Incident Involving Female Security Guard

The 31-year-old professional wrestler has been accused of choking a female security guard in 2011 during the Wrestlemania 27 festivities in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Atlanta police have released an arrest warrant for 31-year-old WWE Superstar Heath Slater (real name Heath Miller) following an incident involving a female security guard in Atlanta, Georgia in 2011.

According to Fox-5 Television in Atlanta, Corinne Oliver, who was working the events security over the Wrestlemania weekend accused Slater of attempting to force her back to his hotel room.


Oliver has accused Slater of putting her in a chokehold and attempting to get her into an elevator with the intentions of getting her to his hotel room. According to the incident led to Oliver damaging the five vertebrae in her back.

The WWE have since released a statement regarding the situation:


"WWE has been advised that a misdemeanour arrest warrant has been issued against Heath Miller (aka Heath Slater), but we have not seen a copy or been provided with the underlying charges. Once this information is received by WWE, we will take the appropriate action."

Heath Slater has since tweeted about the accusations stating: