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32 Cats Who Hate Halloween More Than You

Getting real tired of your crap, human.

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1. "A bucket hat. Really human?"

2. "Maybe if I sleep I can escape the hell you've put me in."

3. "The '90s called, and even then this beanie was out of date."

4. "Christmas isn't for two months you pathetic meat-filled skin bag."

5. ""

Flickr: malingering / Creative Commons

6. "I will end you..."

Flickr: malingering / Creative Commons

7. "Ohhhhh, you didn't just do that!"

Flickr: rappensuncle / Creative Commons

8. "Just stop."

Flickr: mirandala /Creative Commons

9. "I fucking hate you all..."

Flickr: flynnphotography /Creative Commons

10. "Don't you dare look down on me."

Flickr: lolalullaby / Creative Commons

11. "Oh. I'm a pirate kitty. Hilarious."

Flickr: lolalullaby / Creative Commons

12. "Kitty Red Riding Hood? Get it?! Hahahahah-FUCK YOU!"

Flickr: gorbould / Creative Commons

13. "When I turn 18 I'm so out of here."

Flickr: 77925356@N07 / Creative Commons

14. "Oh let's put cat ears on a cat! Great idea Sharon..."

Flickr: mousetrout / Creative Commons

15. "Everyone in this group will die a slow and painful dead."

Flickr: shimgray / Creative Commons

16. "I will scratch your face off motherfucker."

17. "Taking a photo of me in a cat suit? What's your caption going to be? Catception? Good one..."

18. "Just you wait until I get out of this!"

Flickr: llemanie / Creative Commons

19. "You have no idea what I'm capable of."

Flickr: 96531942@N00 / Creative Commons

20. "You're spending your Saturday night in dressing up your cat. Your life is awesome, human."

21. "I cannot wait for the Human race to fall."

Flickr: urbanrex / Creative Commons

22. "Top hats...just...I don't even know why you do this."

Flickr: oceanyamaha / Creative Commons

23. "Poke me once more asshole, I dare you!"

Flickr: roboppy / Creative Commons

24. "Wrong public holiday, peasant."

Flickr: andycarvin / Creative Commons

25. "Aluminium foil. Maybe if you spend more time working and less time doing this shit you'll be able to afford an actual costume."

Flickr: meredith / Creative Common

26. "Fuck this day."

Flickr: chickenofeathers / Creative Commons

27. "A Bee. Wow, adorable."

Flickr: tobyleah / Creative Commons

28. "You should be the one wearing this, cockhead."

Flickr: libraryrachel / Creative Commons

29. "I'm not making a roaring sound for your entertainment."

Flickr: malingering / Creative Commons

30. "Animal cruelty. Every heard of that?!"

Flickr: shan213 / Creative Commons

31. "I. Hate. Everything. About. What. You. Choose. To. Be."

Flickr: girl_named_fred / Creative Commons


Flickr: malzor / Creative Commons

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