27 Gym Fails That Will Make You Cringe

    This should make you feel better about not going to the gym today.

    1. The guy who found a quick way to get rock-hard abs.

    2. Or his mate, who is after the same goal.

    3. The person who you really just shake your head at.

    4. The guy who had what was coming to him for wearing a fedora.

    5. The world's worst spotter.

    6. The guy who is a master at dips.

    7. The guy who immediately cancelled his membership due to embarrassment.

    8. The guy who is eating dinner out of a straw for the next six months.

    9. The cheapest treadmill in the world.

    10. The class clown's final act.

    11. The poor tailbone.

    12. The Crossfit fail.

    13. The guy doing some preparation for date night.

    14. The giant leap.

    15. The rebounder.

    16. The guy who needs to learn what "pegs" are.

    17. The self-knockout.

    18. The kids who needs a new fish tank... and a separate room for working out.

    19. The eager rower.

    20. The series of unfortunate events.

    21. The guy who is getting a bit too ahead of himself.

    22. The guy who has no idea what the fuck he is doing.

    23. The world's most flexible human.

    24. The guy who really needs a spotter.

    25. The instant crash.

    26. The worst chin-up bar ever.

    27. And the guy who found the hard way not to lift on a full stomach.