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    17 Of The Craziest Things To Happen On "Grand Theft Auto 5"

    Warning: Contains depictions of violence.

    1. This amazing accomplishment.

    2. The guy who cannot get a break.

    3. This guy who wants to go fishing.

    4. This extremely close call.

    5. The tunnel buddies.

    6. The one dude who wants to break IN to a prison.

    7. This guy showing how easy it is to steal a plane.

    8. This poor cat.

    9. The most unfortunate death ever.

    10. This fluke.

    11. The time a bus went up against a plane... and won.

    12. The show-off.

    13. The coolest park job ever.

    14. The guy becoming a victim of instant karma.

    15. This pyromaniac.

    16. The plane with an identity crisis.

    17. And the strongest glass window ever.