12 Reasons Why Eggs Benedict Is The Ultimate Good Time

Eggs Benny takes the term “food porn” to a whole new level.

1. Eggs Benedict has been around since 1894, so you know it’s experienced.

Flickr: awoodvine / Creative Commons

2. There are so many ways you can swing: Bacon? Ham? Salmon?

Flickr: geewaq / Creative Commons

3. There’s no such thing as the “Eggs Benny friend zone.” It’s always DTF (down to feast).

4. Feeling interracial? Put some guacamole on it ;)

5. It’s quite popular. You know it’s been inside many people, but you really don’t care. Dat hollandaise sauce. / Via Nick Wray/BuzzFeed

6. Eggs Benny isn’t clingy or jealous. If you want pancakes after you’re done, they’re cool with that. They love the idea of an open relationship!

7. Hell, the two might even let you have them both at the same time. Breakfast three way!!!

8. Or go the devil’s three way and have two Eggs Bennies at once. Have whatever your stomach (or mouth) can handle.

9. Feeling a little bit kinky?! Share that shit online!!

Or don’t, and just wait for your iCloud to be hacked.

10. Bored with the normal and innocent Eggs Benny? Go a little dirty and try the Eggs Chesapeake, but you may get crabs. (Crabs replace the ham.)

11. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhh, finishing with the money shot.

Make sure you don’t get it in your eyes.

12. In the end you will leave feeling amazing, and you cannot wait to go back for more.

Flickr: Gino Mempin / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: ginomempin

Bon appetit. / Via Nick Wray / BuzzFeed

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