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19 Secrets McDonald's Workers Will Never Tell You

We're not really lovin' it.

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11. Yeah, we know we smell like grease. We're too tired to really do anything about it at the end of the night, though, so we'll probably just turn up to your house party like this:


"I'm sorry, I can't help it! Please just let me have a beer — my manager just yelled at me because my register was down $2.25!"

14. Working at a 24-hour store is literal hell.


"Say good-bye to any form of social life: You're doing three closes, have one day off, an open, a day shift, and a night shift. LOLOLOLOL your sleep pattern's gon' be fucked!" —Your manager, probably

16. If you bring your kids in to eat multiple times a week, we're probably judging you out the back.


I mean, YES, we eat McDonald's multiple times a week, but we work there — WHAT CHOICE DO WE HAVE OMG.