PSA: Bunnies Can And Will Take Over The Entire World

Run and hide humans! Run and hide!

1. They have cunning, and tactical skills. / Via Paw Nation

2. They attack in packs.

3. They strike fear into other creatures.

4. They have the speed to outrun any enemy.

5. They are the masters of playing dead to fool others.

6. They will get the fuck in your face.

8. Potassium is a huge part of their diet, meaning they will outlive you, watch you die, and call your land their own.

9. They will blend into your society…

10. And take you out when you least expect.

11. They put the Viet-Cong’s abilities to manoeuvre through tunnels and trenches to shame.

12. They can survive through an entire winter.

13. Such air! How’s your vertical jump, human?!

14. Surprise motherfucker!!

15. Corner them in, and they will outsmart you!

16. The human race as we know it is coming to an end.

Walt Disney Studios / Via

17. The human race is the balloon.

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