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19 Things All People With Commitment Issues Know To Be True

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1. You don't want to brush your teeth at night because you're unable to commit to the fact that you're done eating for the day.

2. You're unable to sign a locked-in contract.

3. Like for a gym membership...


"One whole year?! How do I know I even want to be in shape in five months?"

4. A contract for a new mobile phone plan...


"Two years? But what if this year's new iPhone is awesome!?! I'll be stuck with this piece of shit!"

5. Or signing a lease on a house.

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"What if in a couple of weeks I found out this place is haunted?! I'll be forced to live here for a whole year!"

6. You get all nervous about the idea of getting a pet.

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"Oh god. What's the life expectancy for a dog? I don't wanna grow to love it!"

7. Even simple tasks are hard when the word "commitment" is involved.

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9. When you're asked to RSVP for an event a year from now:


"Your wedding would be awesome, but what if Nitro Circus decide in a couple of months to have a show on the same night..."

10. The thought of going on a game show give you nightmares.

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11. You're always excited to start the latest hot TV series but you never get past season one.


12. Relationships are the worst.

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13. You instantly feel like you're trapped.


14. When you see people who are in long term relationships:

15. Not only are you scared of commitment, but you also want your friends to be in the same boat, like when they say they're getting married.

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16. When you ARE dating someone and they ask the dreaded question: "What are we?"

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17. Or when they ask you to meet their parents:


18. You start to freak out. What if you never overcome these issues?


19. You start to write lists, but never fini

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