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The Definitive Ranking Of The Most Romantic Cities In Australia

As voted by Australia.

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12. Alice Springs

Flickr: stephenlowe / Creative Commons

Date idea: You're in Alice Springs, so there's a high chance it's going to be hot as hell. So just out of town you'll find Simpsons Gap, with some of the best waterholes in Australia.


6. Gold Coast

Flickr: rexboggs5 / Creative Commons

Date idea: After a day of excitement at the theme parks, bring out the romantic atmosphere in full force with a dinner in the Q1 tower, the tallest building in Australia. Them views!

5. Perth

Flickr: dlee13 / Creative Commons

Date idea: Perth is an extremely beautiful city, but the outskirts are where you'll find the true beauty. South of Perth along the Margaret River you will find many Bed and Breakfasts where you can escape the busy city for a romantic weekend.