Judd Apatow And Leslie Mann Are The World's Most Annoyingly Perfect Couple

    I want that.

    They've perfected the couple selfie.

    They go to award shows together!

    They get drunk together.

    And they come down from being drunk together.

    They're friends with Jim's Dad!!!

    They own the red carpet.

    26 Mar 1972, Leslie Mann (42) was born, many of her films have been collaborations with her husband Judd Apatow


    Remember when the night was young and we were filled with hope. @girlsHBO #HBO

    They prove that opposites do attract.

    Leslie Mann and Judd Apatow at the #Emmys last night were kind of brilliant on the red carpet...

    They are friends with Kanye West!

    “@HarryManilow: Very #rare @JuddApatow ” I am not excited at all to be with Kanye in this photo. Not a big deal.

    Just stop with your cuteness guys!

    They let their children like whoever they want, even if they disapprove.

    Great photo of the Apatow's in Argentina!

    They watched every episode of Breaking Bad together like every normal couple should! Look at them freakout over meeting the cast!

    Earlier-- when the night was young! We were so naive then.

    Working out together?! You're putting everyone else in relationships to shame!

    Getting a photo right on New Years? Come on guys!

    Just tone it down! You've proven your relationship and family are perfect and we will never have anything like that in real life :(