Volcanic Serena Williams Threw A Temper Tantrum Before Losing At The Australian Open

Serena steals the show even as she passes the torch.

By the third set of her quarterfinal match with American Sloane Stephens, Serena Williams was frustrated. She needed medical attention for rogue back spasms midway through the match. It hindered her game, and Serena ended up dropping that second set to Stephens, a minnow she normally would have crushed.

2. Early in the third set, Stephens is serving to go up 2-1. Perhaps sensing the match is slipping away, Serena prepares to return the serve.

3. Serena slaps a forehand back at Stephens, but the ball sails over the net.

4. The return drops well wide of the line, and Stephens barely has to move. Still, professional tennis players are supposed to hold serve. No big deal, right, Serena?

5. Her reaction:

That seems a little uncalled for.

7. Serena then tosses her mangled racket into the bench area and pouts for a while. She ends up losing the third set and the match.

8. The carnage.

9. Meanwhile, here’s your new face of American women’s tennis, Sloane Stephens.

Aaron Favila / AP

At least until she plays No. 1 seed Victoria Azarenka, also known as the “Belarusian Buzzsaw,” in the semifinals.

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