There's An Official White House Petition To Deport Alabama QB AJ McCarron

    We cannot confirm nor deny whether Brent Musburger started this.

    Things in Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron's life were moving along pretty swell until this Monday, when ESPN commentator Brent Musburger made his girlfriend, Miss Alabama 2012 Katherine Webb, a national superstar. Webb now has more than 261,000 Twitter followers, has hordes of people searching "Katherine Webb hot" on Google, and will appear in this year's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. To make matters worse, a user named "Creepy M" has created an official White House petition to have AJ McCarron deported " Brent Musberger can steal his girlfriend."

    If you're unfamiliar with petitions, it's an extension of your first amendment rights as an American. If enough people (25,000) sign a petition over a set period, the petition will be reviewed by White House staff. So far there's only five signatures, but if 24,995 more people sign on, people in Washington will have to discuss the possible deportation of AJ McCarron (which, by law, is impossible given that McCarron is a United States citizen) and issue an official response. Why can't AJ have someone nice in his life, America? Hasn't he earned that?