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The Evolution Of An Epic Minor League Hockey Brawl

An old fashioned donnybrook broke out in the Southern Professional Hockey League.

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There's still no professional hockey to watch in North America, but the minor league teams scattered across the country are soldiering on, providing a few well-placed die-hards with entertainment while the rest of us grumble and bitch about Gary Bettman. One particular recent game in the Southern Professional Hockey League (which exists!) featured a bench-clearing slobberknocker worthy of the NHL, resulting in 129 combined penalty minutes for fighting, throwing equipment AND spearing. Here's a frame-by-frame breakdown of the brouhaha.


After the referees let some spearing go unpenalized, the players engage in vigilante justice. No. 44 Corey Fulton is engaged, and pushes a Surge player into the wall...and beyond.

No Havoc players can come to aid Fulton because the referees are blocking the door. One is actually holding back a Huntsville player. Meanwhile, Fulton seems to have disappeared completely.


In the end, referees gave out 129 penalty minutes to nine separate players. Branden Kosolofsky (the jerk with the stick, according to Puck Daddy), personally racked up 29, and landed himself a six-game suspension. In all, six players and one coach have been suspended, and many more were fined (which is probably just as tough a penalty for minor leaguers).

Huntsville went on to win the game 5-2. Here's the full video of the brawl.

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