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    The End Of The NHL Lockout Spoiled A Budding Bromance In Switzerland

    Alex Picard showers alone tonight.

    The end of the NHL Lockout signals the return of many pros who escaped North America to ply their trade in professional leagues across Europe. One such player, Yannick Weber of the Montreal Canadiens, had been playing for Genève-Servette HC in Switzerland, alongside former Columbus Blue Jacket Alex Picard, who plays full-time in Geneva.

    With the prospective return of the NHL, Weber had to leave Geneva and return to the Canadiens, leaving the fond memories of time spent with Picard behind him. The split wasn't as easy as you might think.

    Bonus: Picard's Twitter account, as you can see below, is a must-follow.

    H/T Harrison Mooney at Puck Daddy

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