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    Dec 4, 2012

    Cleveland Browns Analysts Have Nothing To Do At This Point But Laugh About Penises

    Cleveland continues to entertain itself, because the pro sports teams sure won't do it.

    Episodes of Browns Red Zone with Jim Donovan, Doug Dieken, and Tony Grossi are probably as lively as funerals. Shouldn't it be called Browns Stuck At Midfield? Anyway, this week, a caller asked the most pressing question of the day.

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    To their credit, the Browns Red Zone crew then attempted to field a question about the Browns' ability to sack everyone. Also, did the host just confirm that Doug Dieken does in fact have the biggest cock on the set?

    Is Big Doug Dieken really Mike D'Antoni? Is Kobe Bryant in on this? Yes.

    H/T Barry Petchesky at Deadspin.

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