The 20 Famous And Three Very Random People Kobe Bryant Follows On Twitter


Danny Moloshok / Reuters

Kobe Bryant is off to a strong start on Twitter. His account, @kobebryant, was verified on Friday, and he already has more than 564,000 followers. His tweets are about exactly what you would expect from Kobe Bryant.

5. The most interesting facet of Kobe’s Twitter is the list of people he follows. There’s a pretty standard list of teammates and outrageously famous people…

6. … and then there’s this group. A high school student, Bryce Harper, and two other completely random people.

7. So what’s it like as an Average Joe to be followed by Kobe Bryant?

8. Kobe even gave one these people a retweet.

Kobe Bryant truly cares about his fans and the commu…..HAHA just kidding.

Danny Moloshok / Reuters
Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images

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