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    Taiwanese Animation Sums Up The Manti Te'o Scandal So Far

    A good way to introduce the Te'o story to children.

    The good people at NMA TV have released an animated account of the Manti Te'o saga, and their version of events presents a compelling, yet slightly altered narrative.

    Te'o fell madly in love with a woman over the phone and was positively smitten.

    Both his phone-girlfriend and grandmother died over a short period, but Te'o battled through his grief.

    He then became a Transformer and obliterated Michigan State.

    Te'o told reporters his girlfriend died in a car accident.

    The media ran wild with the story...

    ...until two reporters at Deadspin found out it was all a hoax.

    They entered a virtual world to check facts.

    Meanwhile, Te'o buttchugged with some leprechauns.

    He later woke up to find that his girlfriend ISN'T REAL!

    Here's the whole video.

    View this video on YouTube

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