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Pittsburgh Penguins Unveil Experimental, Unsuccessful Six-Goalie Lineup

Back to the drawing board.

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A standard NHL net isn't that large, goalies have to cover a 4' by 6' rectangle of open area. If it were allowed by the rules, coaches may try to put two goalies on the ice instead of one. Last night against the Philadelphia Flyers, the Pittsburgh Penguins took matters into their own hands and played with five unofficial extra goalies in the crease during one insane spell of play.

It started with a shot from Sean Couturier, which Penguins goal Tomas Vokoun manages to stop by himself.

Realizing danger was imminent, the Penguins then switch to the never-before-seen six-goalie lineup.

That's six Penguins in the crease.

Somehow the puck popped out of the pile and...

BOOM! "Chaos be damned, I want my goal!"

Intense Penguins Fan was not impressed.

Jason Cohn / Reuters

Here's video of the goal. Philadelphia went on to win, 6-5, in one of the best games of the season thus far.

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