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Meet The Most Incredible 8-Year-Old Football Player In The World

You'll be drafting this kid to your fantasy team in a few years.

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This is the 2025 Heisman Trophy winner, running back Costa Gikas.

Okay, maybe that's going out on a limb, but this kid looks like Walter Payton in children's size large pads. He is a pee-wee titan. Gikas shrugs off tacklers like an umbrella shrugs off rain. All the fundamentals of a future star are already there -- Gikas cradles the ball with care, switching hands when necessary to ward off fumbles. At the :38 second mark, he stiff arms a mere mortal child, then gains an extra five yards with three defenders hanging onto his jersey in a run that would make Marshawn Lynch proud. AND HE PLAYS BOTH SIDES OF THE BALL. The YouTube user that uploaded the video also uploaded a duplicate, titled "8 Year old Tank." That's pretty accurate. Also accurate (and awesome) would be "The Galloping Grecian."

Sit back, enjoy the tremendous production value on a child's highlight tape, and watch the future of football. Nick Saban's already scheduled his campus visit.

(h/t @TreyKerby)