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    Insane Man Surfs 100-Foot Wall Of Water To Set A World Record

    I'm not sure what's crazier: That a surfer rode a 100-foot wave, or that there are regularly 100-FOOT WAVES ON EARTH?

    Big wave surfer Garrett McNamara likely set a new world record when he surfed a 100-foot wave in Portugal this week.

    McNamara set the current record in 2011 when he rode a 78-foot wave at the same spot in Nazaré, Portugal. Here's some more mind-melting footage from his day at the beach.

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    The waves grow to such a frightening height because of the Nazaré Canyon, a 16,000-foot underwater canyon off the coast.

    To put a 100-foot tall wave into perspective, here are a few things that measure 100-feet:

    Most 10-story buildings.

    1 full length NBA court (with six feet to spare).

    2 standard IMAX screens.

    100 1-foot waves.

    A stack of five average-size giraffes.

    A stack of 14.2 Andrew Bynums.

    H/T Sean Newell at Deadspin