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    Andrew Bynum Is The Bigfoot Of Philadelphia

    The hunt for Bynum is on.

    Michael Perez / AP

    Andrew Bynum is the best basketball player in Philadelphia, but the "weakened cartilage state" of his knees has kept the big man from playing the entire season. It hasn't kept him from gallivanting around Philadelphia and popping up in unexpected places. If you spot Bynum in the wild, proceed with caution, and let us know immediately.

    November 6th: Bynum is spotted sabotaging his knees while catching an episode of "The People's Court."


    Bynum infamously hurt his non-injured knee (or as non-injured as any Bynum extremity can be) while bowling.

    November 13th: Bynum checks out "Flight" at the King of Prussia mall.

    November 24th: Bynum making the choice between premium and regular.

    November 25th: Bynum checks out a gun range that Javaris Crittenton recommended to him.

    These signs have begun popping up around the Philadelphia area. Make sure to heed their warning.

    H/T Kyle Scott at Crossing Broad.

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