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8 Colleges That Make You Wanna Scream

The Primal Scream is a custom practiced on many college campuses where students let out all of their stress in one grand moment of unbridled shouting. These colleges know how to let it all out.

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University of Maryland - College Park

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Primal Scream usually takes place at midnight, and at UMCP, which is ranked No. 43 for Best Late-Night Dining Options, you can get some good grub after.

Swarthmore College

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Students at this Pennsylvania school celebrate Primal Scream at Sharples Hall, where breakfast food is served before howling ensues. If students can't make it to Sharples, they're encouraged to drop whatever they're doing, open their windows, and scream as loud as they can.

Vassar College

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While Vassar isn't necessarily known for its athletics, during Primal Scream, the campus sounds like a crowd at an intense sporting event.

University of New Hampshire

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This Primal Scream has an added treat: ice cream!

Columbia University

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On the Sunday night before finals week, Columbia students have a good five-minute scream as a form of bonding.

Grove City College

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GCC may come in at No. 27 in Niche's ranking of Tamest Party Scenes, but they know how to shout it out loud during their Primal Scream.

University of Southern California

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USC adds music to the Primal Scream mix, with the USC Trojan band playing concerts every day during finals week. Where does the screaming come in? Students blare their voices to compete with the blaring horns.

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