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    20 College Campus Pics That Will Make You Never Want Fall To End

    Twenty-seven percent of people pick fall as their favorite season. But even the spring, summer, and winter fans will appreciate these autumn photos from colleges across the nation.

    Denison University / Via College Prowler

    It's colorful in East Quad.

    Westminster College - Utah / Via College Prowler

    Every season has a different beauty to offer in Utah, but hiking during the autumn season can be especially rewarding.

    Augustana College - Rock Island / Via College Prowler

    This photo looks like something Bob Ross would paint. Check out those happy tree reflections in the water.

    Walla Walla University / Via College Prowler

    It may be mostly rainy and chilly, but the autumn leaves brighten the mood.

    Cairn University / Via College Prowler

    Who can study when you have a scene like this?

    Wheaton College - Massachusetts / Via College Prowler

    This pond is called Peacock Pond. Could it be because of all the beautiful colors in the fall?

    Bucknell University / Via College Prowler

    Is it just us or is the Engineering Building desperately trying to match the foliage in this photo?

    Northland College / Via College Prowler

    Underrated perk of fall: the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your shoes.

    University of Rhode Island / Via College Prowler

    You can't beat the sun peeking between the trees as you walk around campus.

    Clark University / Via College Prowler

    Atwood Hall on a beautiful day.

    College of Wooster / Via College Prowler

    Doesn't this photo make you want to gather up all of these leaves and jump in them?

    Earlham College / Via College Prowler

    So many beautiful trees, so little time.

    Colgate University / Via College Prowler

    An enjoyable view from your dorm.

    University of Denver / Via College Prowler

    Mixed in with the Rocky Mountains are these vibrant bushes.

    Michigan State University / Via College Prowler

    The Red Cedar River during the onset of fall.

    Quinnipiac University / Via College Prowler

    This fall photo brought to you from Sleeping Giant, a mountain that overlooks the Connecticut campus.

    Yale University / Via College Prowler

    A view of Old Campus and old summer leaves.

    Lehigh University / Via College Prowler

    Can you get this shade of tree in lipstick form?

    Lafayette College / Via College Prowler

    Autumn makes that long walk home from the gym worth the trek (and the extra exercise).

    Carleton College / Via College Prowler

    Don't forget to take a walk in the fall before winter gets here. It's the most wonderful time of year on many college campuses.

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