13 Signs You’re at a Liberal School

Students at Niche’s Most Liberal Schools may know these signs all too well. Feeling more like an elephant? Check out 13 Signs You’re at a Conservative School.

1. Your school is in a blue state.

2. You and your roommate consider Jon Stewart a god among men.

3. During Supreme Court deliberations with DOMA in 2013, your Facebook feed was a sea of equal signs.

4. Everyone that says, “Thanks, Obama,” only means it sarcastically.

5. Your area Chick-Fil-A is like a ghost town.

6. Everyone drinks Coca-Cola.

According to a 1992 New York Times piece on presidential soft drink preferences, Democrats prefer Coke and Republicans Pepsi.

7. If the College Republicans got together to play Frisbee, it might look like this.

8. Entire dorm floors gather together for TV shows like “Parks & Rec,” “Modern Family,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

In a 2011 research survey performed by Experian-Simmons, Entertainment Weekly reported that Democrats and liberals like comedy, while Republicans like work-centered shows, typically reality competitions and procedurals.

9. These are the only guns students want on campus.

10. Seagram’s Gin is plentiful at campus parties.

According to a report by National Media Research and Planning Placement, Seagram’s Gin drinkers are extremely liberal.

11. Most people you know would vote for Brian Griffin for president.

12. You feel extremely guilty when you don’t recycle, so much so that you imagine Al Gore breathing fire like a dragon.

13. No one would be caught dead shopping at Walmart.

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