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11 Animals So Over Studying

They may have a big test coming up, but these animals are just about over studying, and they're finding any opportunity to avoid it.

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This panda that thought studying on the grass would be peaceful.

This cat that just can't anymore.

This lemur that just realized there are still 4 more hours worth of notes.

This cat who cannot handle one more question during the study group session.

This penguin not interested in being passed up by the over-achiever on the way to class.

This sloth that's just going to take a nap, and you can deal with it.

This bird running away from another student who wants to be a study buddy.

The hamster having major test anxiety.

This cow who is trying to pretend to care about your explanation of the lecture notes.

This manatee that's lost all motor functions after an all-nighter.

This duck that is finished pretending that he's still maintaining good hygiene during midterms. Screw it.

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