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10 Crazy-Cool College Halloween Traditions

Maybe you are officially an "adult" in college, but that doesn't mean you can't celebrate Halloween. It's almost a requirement on these campuses.

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Mausoleum Party at Stanford University / Via College Prowler

The Mausoleum Party is the annual Halloween shindig that is located in front of the tomb of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Stanford. With multiple DJs, lights in the trees, and a dance floor, Stanford students won't soon forget this party.

Halloween on Franklin Street at UNC Chapel Hill

View this video on YouTube / Via Chapel Hill

In 2012, 22,000 spectators packed the streets for Halloween on Franklin Street, the cultural hub of the city. Each year, people from all over flock to Chapel Hill, dressing up in costumes and walking up and down the street to celebrate the holiday.

Moorebid at Skidmore College

View this video on YouTube / Via College Prowler

Moorebid is a college-wide Halloween party hosted on the Saturday night either before or after Halloween---and it's known for getting a little crazy. In 2012, it was the first time in two years that the ball wasn't shutdown due to alcohol-related "incidents."

Trick or Treat Street at University of Richmond / Via University of Richmond

The University of Richmond does something a little different with Halloween. Some of the Greek organizations get involved with Trick or Treat Street (TOTS), a community-wide philanthropic event for kids that involves face painting, moonbounces, and even a pet costume contest.

Halloween concerts and Mill Town Haunt at Carleton College

View this video on YouTube / Via College Prowler

While Carleton has a Halloween-themed orchestra concert, the college is also located near the spooky Mill Town Haunt, a haunted house attraction that sometimes brings ghouls to campus.

Healy Howl at Georgetown University

View this video on YouTube / Via Your College Kid

Around every Halloween, students gather on the lawn to watch "The Exorcist," since parts of the movie were filmed on Georgetown's campus. Then, after the movie, the students head to the cemetery near Healy Hall and howl at the moon at midnight.

Pumpkin Drop at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

View this video on YouTube / Via College Prowler

On Halloween, MIT students drop frozen pumpkins from the roofs of buildings, and because they're frozen, these objects explode rather dramatically.

Cardboard canoe race at University of Connecticut / Via University of Connecticut

While UConn students like to race cardboard boats at many times during the school year, it's widely known as a Halloween tradition.

Halloween block party at Ohio University / Via College Prowler

This annual Athens bash has been going on since 1974. On the closest Saturday to Halloween, Court Street gets closed to traffic, and between 10,000 and 30,000 party-goers hit the streets.

Calvert Ghosts at Trinity University (SFW)

View this video on YouTube / Via Trinity University

Relax. The quality of the video isn't great, so you're not really seeing anything, but the men of Calvert Hall have been known to strip naked and streak across campus, calling themselves the "Calvert Ghosts."

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