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8 Pokémon GO AR Photos Critiqued By A Professional Photographer

Pokémon GO Trainers + Augmented Reality = AWESOME AR PHOTOS OF POKÉMON!

Pokémon GO recently introduced a new feature called GO Snapshot that allows users to take awesomely creative photos with their Pokémon any time and virtually anywhere! With this in mind, we searched the interwebs for some of the best #GOsnapshot AR pics, and asked a professional photographer to critique them. Here's what she said:

@ant.giovanni caught a Gyarados by accident.

@bad_krabby stopped to smell the flowers with a Beedrill.

@pmktrainerzsazsa was blocked by a Snorlax.

@atisyayunus spent the day chillin' with a Slakoth. spent a delightful day with a Mythical Deoxys.

@spsx22 found a Rattata in the junkyard.

@loconicD is staying fit and focused with his Poochyena.

And @pkmn.trainer.cole took his Charizard on an epic journey.

Wanna get in on the action? Download Pokémon GO right now and start making your own masterpieces with the new GO Snapshot feature!