Niall Hutton
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    • Niall Hutton

      Your points are all correct, and I agree we do need a feminist movement, because inequality is a very real thing. However, there are problems with the feminist movement whether you like to agree or not, not all women who call themselves feminist are fighting for an equal footing, and they do demonise men. Go on tumblr and you can easily find blogs about it. You do not need to demonise men in order to gain equality anywhere, it makes every man look bad, and it makes the feminist movement look bad too. Also, as you can see with number 4, women who have made the choice (everyone should have a choice in a fair society)have been demonised themselves, as is the point of this whole article. In fact, any feminist that demonises these women comes across as misandric.  Also, feminism is not just supposed to represent women, if it is a movement for equality. Obviously, these women don’t agree with all the beliefs of feminism, every woman should have the choice to wear a floral dress, be a housewife, and have other traditional roles which society has set up if they want it. In these situations, a true feminist should allow it rather than resort to bitchy name-calling and telling these women that they deserve to be raped!

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