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Furry Friends Dog Service Dog, Brandon, Loves His Rainbow Cakes

To celebrate pride month, dog ,Brandon living at Furry Friends Home, baked sixty rainbow cupcakes for his owner, Dying Cooper. His brother, Jakey, couldn't help himself and the greedy pig ate twenty of Brandon's rainbow cakes. 'Jakey, where's the rainbow cakes' shouted Die when seeing her cakes had been munched. Jakey the dog, made the bad decision of talking back to Dying which resulted in multiple prank calls to his home and his favourite tennis ball being eaten by Dying. Dying's Husband, Nick 'Crompton' Cooper, who asked to remain anonymous, shared his opinion on the situation. 'The rainbow cakes were something special'. Good luck to Dying's dogs and their cake baking steak shaking lake compton? - Written by niall fagan studios

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